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April 2013
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sewcurvy [userpic]
Conical Busks

I now have 12" (330mm) conical busks in stock at  www.sewcurvy.com.

They are sturdy yet flexible, made from stainless steel in Germany.  They have a bit more spring than the thicker stainless steel straight busks.

I am offering them at the  special introductory price of £10.00 for this week only, then they will go up to the regular price of £12.00

Edit:  My online shop is priced in GBP sterling and the payment gateway is Paypal who have their own exchange rate which changes daily.  If you are paying in Euro's then the price is about €11-13, and if in USD then the price is around $16-20.  Those are my best estimates today.



My issue with this post is you don't tell me what the prices are in American dollars. Or euros. Just pounds. And that can mean a lot of different prices for my business.

I'm not a lazy math hating American, I can assure you I just use smartphones primarily and it can get a little difficult pricing husks shipping and potential bulk orders online trying to choose a great supplier.

THankyou... i have edited the post above but as you will see it is very difficult to estimate as I am subject to Paypal exchange rates. :)

Oooh aren't we all?Thank you so much! The Busks look very sturdy!