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April 2013
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the sun and the moon [userpic]
roll of latex fabric and rare knitting yarn

Dear all,

I am a fashion designer and am cleaning out my studio at the moment. The items I sell are leftovers of things I bought to try out but didn't use. I will be adding a lot more things over next couple of days.

1. Now I am offering a roll of latex from Radical Rubber along with a glue kit for latex.

The rubber fabric is 1m in width and then 7m length on the roll. I cut off a piece of maximum 30cm. The roll came from UK and cost me 90,- euro including shipping.
I am trying to find someone in Holland who would be interested to take it off my hands. If you know of anyone please let me know. I would like to sell it for 60,- euro.

You can see the offer here:

2. On eBay I am selling a lot of knitting yarn. Vintage, handmade, and good quality new stuff. A bit of everything since I had quit a big collection.
I have a lot of rare sorts of wool/cotton yarn, handmade, vintage and new. I'm offering them as job lots. Have a look!


*I will be adding more fabrics on eBay, because that's easier to post. I could also sell the latex through eBay if anyone wants, but the shipping cost would be big so you're probably better off buying the latex straight from Radical Rubber in UK.

Kind regards,