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Corset Making Supplies

An online selling and trading journal for corsetmakers

Corset making supplies selling journal
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Maintainer: sappho9
Moderators: justtobeme2 and the_bats_meow

Enough thanks can not go out to all of you that do group orders. Your time and effort are priceless to this community.

corsetsupplies is a seperate community from corsetmakers. We are not affiliated with each other in any manner except for the fact that many of us belong to both communities.

Any buying, trading, or selling will be done at your own risk. corsetsupplies will not be held liable. The mods at corsetsupplies also hold the right to refuse any transaction if we see it necessary.

Rules of the community:

(1) corsetsupplies is a community to buy/sell/trade corset making supplies eg. busks, grommets, fabric, and even sewing machines if you like! As long as it is related to corset making. If you have any question as to whether an item is allowed, please feel free to email me or reply in one of my posts! Please limit your crossposting to corsetmakers to those that are directly related to corsetmaking, eg. busks, grommets, lacing, ect.

If you are looking to have a custom corset made or want to sell a custom corset please look to corsetry and corset_shoppe. "Off the rack" corsets can be bought and sold at ready_to_wear.

If you have any questions about HOW to make a corset please look to corsetmakers.

(2) Not only is corsetsupplies a community for individual sales, we often have group orders in progress.

(3) To help keep some organiztion here, please title and tag your posts related to sales eg. "Group busk order" in title and "busks" as a tag.

(4) Ebay and other auction posts must be limited to one a week. It is preferred that if you are posting here to sell your supplies that it is not through an auction site.

(5) If you are interested in placing a group order or selling individual items, please make a post including the following

a)what you are selling
b)how much you are selling it for including taxes, shipping, and from what country
c)minimums if any
d)whether you allow retail resale of your item (listing on Ebay or though a retail store on line or not)

If a seller does not allow resale of an item and it is found out that you are reselling these items retail you will be banned from this community.

(6) Please put long posts and/or pictures behind a cut. To do this, type a breif introductory messege. Type *lj-cut text="type here"* replacing the ** with <> and type here with whatever you want. Anything after this will appear behind a cut.

(7) In order to particpate in group orders you must have an established journal or prior approval by a moderator. An established journal means we see signs of life in your info page. We also must be able to have access to your journal to verify that you are not opening a new journal just participate under a different name. This is for the safety and benefit of all in this community

(8) Moderators have the right to refuse any sales, purchases, participation, or community membership at our discretion.

(9) Be nice. We are not here to use and abuse each other. We are here to help each other save some money and THAT is always nice!


Greenberg and Hammer: Sells non-German busks, grommets, and bias tape (Extremely unproffessional business but worth the cost. You get what you pay for and customer service is free!)

Corsetmaking.com: Sells a wide range of corset making supplies

Farthingales: Sells a wide range of corset making supplies

Polysew: Bias tape, Zippers, Ribbon

SY Fabrics: Fabric

MJ Trends: Fabric

MJ Trim: Grosgrain and Double-faced Ribbon, ect.

Cheep Trims: Tapes, Ribbons, Frogs, ect.

Denver Fabrics: Coutil